Good morning America

All our trips in North America

From the great deserts of the Far West to the Big Apple, from the parks of Alaska to the California coast: North America is the land of the great outdoors! We are ready to explore them, are you coming with us?

"In America, the only sin is limitation."

R.W. Emerson

How many tours of North America can one take in a lifetime? How many landscapes to discover, in this land that stretches from Alaska to Greenland, from the Arctic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, from the Yukon to the Keys Islands? Ultra-modern cities and vast open spaces: between the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachians rise metropolises such as New York, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto and San Francisco. It was in these lands that the great explorers came to search for gold, traveling miles and miles in pursuit of the great American dream, and we will not be outdone, discovering North America with on-the-road journeys along its roads that seem to have no end. It is precisely the roads, immersed in deserts and forests, that invite us to reach what the eye cannot see, and urge us to search for something, which perhaps is precisely that sense of freedom that can hardly be found in other places in the world.