Northern Lights Trips

Ready to go hunting the Northern Lights?

"To all is due the morning, to some the night. To only a chosen few the light of dawn." - yes, we're quoting Emily Dickinson here because we lack words to describe the incredible phenomenon of the northern lights (thank you Emily for helping us out). If your dream is to see the 'queen of the night' once in your lifetime, don't skip this page, because here you'll find all our trips that will bring you on the hunt for the mesmerizing aurora borealis (that's the technical name - we're expert if you were guessing). The compass brings us up north to Sweden, Lapland, Iceland, and Norway, where temperatures are freezing, landscapes are snowy, and the hours of darkness are a lot - but don't be sad about it, we need the dark to see the (northern) light.

Northern lights trips

They are perfect for you if...

you are tired of always seeing the light in your office or bedroom and want to discover the thousands of shades that the skies of the Nordic countries can give you - goosebumps are guaranteed once you're in front of her majesty the aurora borealis! But even if your dream is to 'build a snowman' (this is a Frozen quote, yes, and we're not ashamed of it), you've come to the right place: the average snow height in Lapland is 3 meters, so there will be plenty for us to play with. Also: we'll embark on an icebreaker, float in below-zero water (with a suit, of course) and probably have some time to cuddle some furry and super cute huskies.