Cradle of the peoples, mother of mankind

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From the cherry blossom in Japan to the beaches of Sri Lanka, from Mount Bromo in Indonesia to Annapurna in Nepal, from Bangkok to Tokyo and Hanoi: Asia has everything you could want from a trip. Which destination do you choose?

South East Asia
Mainland Asia

"The spirit of Asia is mystery, contemplation, rest. Its gaze is fixed, deep, continuous, solemn. Asia is the garden of God"

Giuseppe Vannicola

If we count all its parts, Asia wins the record of the largest continent in the world, as well as being the only one bordered by three oceans - a trip here is one of those that changes your life a little . Cradle of ancient empires, what makes it unique is the incredible variety of peoples who inhabit it, together with their religions and traditions: the culture of these lands is suspended in the air and can be breathed in the simple gestures of every day. Those who travel in these lands are aware that they will always encounter welcoming smiles and welcoming words and that they will encounter the profound gazes of those who hide ancient secrets and already know, in their hearts, the future of the world. We explore it in all its facets: from the modern metropolises of Japan to the villages immersed in the jungle of Sri Lanka , from the Himalayan peaks of Nepal to the temples of India , and then up to Thailand , Vietnam and Indonesia among incredible national parks, dream beaches and the contrast between the spirituality of the temples and the frenzy of the big cities.