How it works

WeRoad in a nutshell

If we want to find a definition, we should say that WeRoad is a tour operator, but to be honest we find it a bit cold. We are first of all a community of travellers who share the same passion and love for exploring the world, discovering far-away cultures, meeting new people and wanting to create connections with each other. So if you join a WeRoad, you'll travel in a group with new friends, you'll be led by a Travel Coordinator and you'll live extraordinary adventures. Ready to go?

Who will you travel with?

New friends

We strive to connect people, culture and stories, and to do that we organise group trips of maximum 15 people of similar age-range. Travel solo and come home with 15 new friends.

New friends
Who leads our groups?

One Coordinator

A WeRoad Travel Coordinator will be with you for the entire duration of the trip - an enthusiastic and experienced traveller who will guide you and the group, helping you experience new adventures. At the destination, they will be responsible for all the logistics to guarantee a stress-free trip!

One Coordinator
What's in store?

Unique adventures

We want our travellers to get out of their comfort zone, and we do that by filling our trips with memorable experiences designed to be lived, and more importantly, shared. Get ready to get out there, go beyond your limits and discover what your capable of.

Unique adventures

What’s included in a WeRoad tour?

A WeRoad tour always includes the following:

Accommodation in shared rooms

Local transport with driver (if required for the itinerary)

Internal transfers

Must-do and must-see excursions and activities

Car rental (for self-driven tours)

Travel Coordinator services

Key info you need to know

Flights are not included

We do not include flights to or from destinations in our package. We don’t want to force you to depart from an inconvenient airport or end up with inefficient layovers or connections. That’s all up to you, your circumstances, and your budget. You are free to choose where to fly from, your preferred airline, and your travel dates - because who knows, maybe you’ll want to arrive a little earlier or stay a little longer.

Travel Coordinators, not guides

We love our Travel Coordinators and we know you will too! From a logistical perspective, our Travel Coordinators manage the itinerary and the relationships with local partners, but most importantly, they build friendships, boost moods during long transfers, and create some incredible spontaneous moments. They help you get out of your comfort zone and they also live the whole experience with you.

Flexibility with the Money Pot

The Money Pot is a common fund collected in local currency from all tour participants and managed by the Travel Coordinator. It's only used for the extra activities that all members of the group agree to do - so rather than collecting money each time, we speed up payments by using the Money Pot! It also allows flexibility to choose the extra activities the group wants to do depending on their desires. 

Trip Moods

We all look for different things when we travel and our moods are set up to help you pick which tours best suit you. Most tours have a mix of different moods, but if you’re not a party person, the mood tags will help you steer clear of something which may not be for you.

Nature and Adventure
Nature is your calling: it makes you feel alive.
Monuments and History
Archaeological sites, ancient temples, incredible monuments and hidden treasures
You don’t consider it a proper “holiday” until you’re horizontal for a good part of it.
Culture and City Life
You love getting lost in the side streets and secret alleyways of a new city.
Party and Nightlife
No need to set the alarm, the goal here is to tap into your inner night owl but with a bit more pizazz.

Tour status

Next to every tour on our website, you’ll find a little icon that tells you the status of that tour. There are six tour statues, find the explanations below:


The tour you picked is scheduled, but it hasn’t yet reached the minimum number of travellers to be confirmed.

Almost Confirmed

There are WeRoaders on board, but a few more are needed for the tour to be confirmed!


You can almost taste it, you just need to book your flight.

Final spots

This tour is almost sold out, so hurry up!

Waiting List

The tour is fully-booked, but if you call us, we can maybe find a spot for you.

Sold Out

Blimey, you are late! This tour is fully-booked.

Any questions? We have all the answers!

Below you can find just some, but you can check out our FAQs page!

Frequently asked questions

Is the flight included?

Flights to and from your start and end destination are not included in the cost of a WeRoad tour.

In this way, you can choose your favourite airline, departure airport, and arrival time.

A lot of travellers prefer to arrive a few days before the tour start date, or leave a couple of days after the end of the tour. This gives you total control and flexibility! 😉

What is WeRoad?

WeRoad is a Tour Operator, which organizes group travel experiences for groups of 8 to 15 people with similar ages. Mostly our travellers are solo-travellers, who discover the destination with our WeRoad Travel Coordinator and the rest of the group.

To be honest, we prefer this version: WeRoad is you. It's all of you, beginner travellers or expert travellers, who want to take a chance and step out of their comfort zone, try new experiences and live their life at best! 🎬

Do you want to know more about how WeRoad works?