It's time for Safari in Africa!

All our trips to South & Central Africa

Get ready for the ultimate safari adventure in South Africa and Tanzania! Roam through the wild heart of Kruger National Park, where the Big Five roam free, and then jet off to the endless plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania for a chance to witness the breathtaking Great Migration. These lands promise unforgettable wildlife encounters set against some of the most dramatic landscapes on the planet. Pack your binoculars and your sense of wonder!

"The breath of the landscape was immense. Everything gave a sense of grandeur, of freedom, of supreme nobility."

Karen Blixen

In Africa, everything exudes vastness: the continent itself, spanning over 20% of the Earth's landmass, the expansive Sahara desert, the world's largest, the meandering Nile River, record-breaking temperatures, and a mosaic of dialects and cultures thriving among a billion inhabitants. Yet, within this vastness lies a surprising intimacy awaiting discovery—one that captivates and enthralls. Despite its sheer scale, Africa beckons with an unexpected sense of closeness once you delve into its depths and embrace its multifaceted essence. It stands as the last frontier of unparalleled adventure, where grandeur and intimacy intertwine, inviting you to explore and understand its unique allure.