Adriana Patricia Tangarife Garzon

Lives in Milan
Visited countries
Because "travelling is my passion" has become such an overused statement, I don't feel it is as *real* as I did before. I was born into a family that believed travelling was one of two main ways to teach us about tolerance, cultures, history and languages (other than school itself), so for me travelling has been a constant throughout my life. I was almost 4 years old when I went on my first overseas trip, and since then I've visited other 47 countries across the world. I can't help but to always have a new destination in mind (and on my calendar), and because I like to travel both by myself and with other people I don't have trouble planning my next trip. WeRoad has given me the opportunity to explore the world in a new way: never before had I found myself travelling alongside a complete group of strangers, but never before had I experienced what it is to feel those same strangers as longtime friend just after some days travelling together. I like sharing the once-in-a-lifetime experiences we get to live on tour with people that are curious and want to get out of their comfort zone; I like getting to know people I would have never had the chance to meet were it not for that specific trip; and I love creating connections and memories that will last a lifetime, for me and for the people that come with. Who is ready for some much needed adventure? Where to next?