Antonino Mistretta

Lives in Erice
Visited countries
Always called "ANTO” or “Antonio” by my friends, as I already told you, I live in the beautiful Trapani (Sicily), where I’m a pharmacist doctor. I am a former Erasmus student, and for this reason I love Europe, internationalization and diversity. During my life I have lived in London, in Portugal in a wonderful city called Coimbra during my Erasmus, and in Toronto, Canada. Talking about travels, before being a travel coordinator for weroad I’ve been a solo traveler for many years with my faithful backpack on my shoulders, which allowed me to realize dreams that I have had for as long as I can remember, like: 1) a 49-days coast-to-coast road trip in the States, from Boston to San Diego 2) 69 days backpacking in Asia between Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. Talking about the beautiful family that is WeRoad, I became part of this wonderful community in May 2019, and during the past 5 years I had the chance to grow both as a person and as a coordinator, receiving during the years the honor of being "Coordinator Guru", "Trainer" and “Scouter”. So far I led 21 weroad trips, one more beautiful than the other. I am a lover of trekkings, new adventures and I always try to discover the new and the unexpected. I still have so many dreams to realize and I really hope to be able to wake up one day with you around the world, and see what we have achieved together! I look forward to meet you on my next trip with WeRoad!