Karolina Agnieszka Król

Lives in Katowice
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Hello WeRoaders, Karolina here, I’m originally from Poland but I feel like a world citizen while leaving parts of my heart wherever I travel to. I consider myself a free spirit and vagabond at times✈️. You can learn so many things while being on the road, get to know new people and cultures that it becomes addictive! That’s why probably after my first (solo) trip to United Kingdom as a teenager I was completely in love with that feeling - Discovering the new, getting out of the comfort zone. Since then I knew I won’t stop. In the last 5 years I’ve lived in a few different places on our amazing planet. Lately, I’ve finished my Photojournalism degree in Wales, before that I spent a year in the USA as an Au Pair exchange student. In the meantime I also lived with Spanish host family in Mallorca. Recently, I’ve also made one of my biggest dreams come true. Africa. I’ve lived in the Bush for 3 months working as a media intern for one of the Safari companies. It was an unforgettable experience to live among the wildlife surrounded by nature. So yeah.. travel makes me feel alive and I would love to share that feeling with you! I truly think that travel is the only thing we buy that makes us richer. I hope you are ready for another adventure🌍💛 Quoting two of my favourite artists Stu Larsen & Passenger: “I won't know where I'm going 'till I get there” & “My home is where my heart is but my heart is wild and free”