Martina Stea

Lives in Rome
Visited countries
Hi future fellow travellers! My name is Martina and Rome has been my hometown since 1987. I consider being alive as an adventure and the world as a place to explore with curiosity and respect. That's why, during my life and career, I've always tried to study, work and/or live abroad as much as possible (In Spain, UK and Finnish Lapland I lived my best life experiences so far). I strongly believe in cultural and linguistic mediation, which is the reason why I'm not only a traveller but also a translator. I think that getting in touch with cultures that are different from the one we belong to can make us improve as individuals, grow up and make this world a better place, and there is no better way to do it than travelling together as international groups, exchanging our different points of view from our different cultures. There is so much out there to discover, so many places to explore, so many emotions to feel, so many people to meet, so many local experience to live. Shall we go?