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How does payment work? 

  • If you book a tour from 31 or more days before the departure, you can pay just the deposit amount with a credit or prepaid card. 30 days before the departure date you will receive an email to remind you to pay the remaining balance to confirm your place.
  • If you book a tour less than 30 days before the departure date, you will pay the total, with a credit or prepaid card.


Our accommodation is typical of the destination : flats, hostels, local hotels (e.g. Japanese ryokan, “casa particular” in Cuba, or tents in the middle of the Moroccan desert).


The rooms could be double, triple or quadruple, shared only with folks from your WeRoad group of the same sex. Most of the time there are private bathrooms or shared with the other members of the WeRoad group. You will never sleep or share the bathroom with people outside your group.

On most trips there is also the option to upgrade to a private room for an additional cost if you’re after a little more privacy: this is the "No Sharing Room" option. The "No Sharing Room" option is not available for all tours.

Money Pot

The money pot is:

  • A group deposit in local currency, managed and collected by your Travel Coordinator for group expenditure.
  • The amount of the Money Pot may change due to the destination you will travel to, and the number of activities and extras that the group decides to do.

The spare money (if any) will be split equally and returned at the end of the trip.

Tour Status

We have 6 types of symbols related to the status of our trips:

  • PLANNED: The tour you picked is scheduled, but it hasn’t yet reached the minimum number of travellers to be confirmed 
  • ALMOST CONFIRMED: There are WeRoaders on board, but a few more are needed for the tour to be confirmed!
  • CONFIRMED: This tour has already some reservations and there are some places left. You can book it and the flight too.
  • FINAL SPOTS: There are only a few places left before this tour turns into sold out so… Hurry up!
  • WAITING LIST:The tour is fully-booked, but if you call us, we can maybe find a spot for you! Call us and we may find a solution that fits your needs!
  • SOLD OUT: Blimey, you are late! This tour is fully-booked. 


Flights to and from your start and end destination are not included in the cost of WeRoad trip.

  • You are free to decide the departure airport, the airline company and the stopovers. You can also decide to leave the destination some days after the end of the WeRoad trip.
  • We advise arriving at your destination ahead of 5pm local time to make it there in time for the Welcome Dinner.
  • On the last day of your trip you can leave whenever (or stay if you please)!