I'm traveling and I need to open a claim, what do I do?

First of all: if you need support, speak to your coordinator.

Assistance is available 24/7 by telephone by calling the following number: + 39 06.42115309 (assistance available in Italian or English)

We hope that the situation will be resolved as quickly as possible and you can go back to enjoying your trip! If you find yourself in serious difficulty and the coordinator is unable to give you support, you can also contact the WeRoad number active 24/7 for assistance to WeRoaders traveling in serious emergency: 07723178882

Important: You can open any claim in writing within 30 days after returning from a travel:

Casella Postale 20175

Via Eroi di Kefalonia

00128 Spinaceto - ROME

The claim will be accepted if it is provided in English or Italian.

Here you can find all the documents necessary to open a specific claim.

You always have to provide:

  • personal data (and tax code where possible) of the recipient of the payment (in accordance with law no. 248 of August 4, 2006);

  • name and address of the Bank, IBAN code, SWIFT code in the case of a current account abroad;

  • name of the current account holder if different from the file holder;

  • place, day and time of the event as well as the circumstances and causes that determined it.

Also provide:

■ In case of reimbursement of medical expenses:

− medical documentation drawn up on site (medical history, emergency report, medical certificate proving the diagnosis) and the corresponding original receipts for the medical expenses incurred.

■ In case of theft, theft of bags, robbery, fire, breakages, non-delivery and damage to Luggage:

− report, in original, presented to the competent authority of the place where the incident occurred, with a detailed list of what was stolen, burned or damaged and documentation/proof of possession that proves its value, brand, model, approximate date of purchase.

− baggage irregularity report (property irregularity report), copy.

For damages that occur during air transportation, a report must be made to the corresponding airport office by submitting the P.I.R. (PROPERTY IRREGULARITY REPORT).

■ In case of delay in the delivery of Luggage by the airline:

− baggage irregularity report (Property Irregularity Report), copy;

− airline ticket with complete travel itinerary and baggage ticket, copy;

− purchase receipts for basic necessities, in original, with a detailed list of the purchases made.

■ In case of Third Party Civil Liability

− written request from the other party with the quantification of the damage;

− any testimony;

− the narration of the event, the indication of the consequences, the personal data of the injured parties and any witnesses, the date, time and place of the event.

More details can be found in the policy here.