Andrea Bartolo

Lives in Bourn
Visited countries
I have been living in Cambridge since the end of 2019 (what a great time for moving isn't it?!) where I work as a specialist nursing assistant as well as trainee Paediatric Nurse 🩺. Back in Italy I was born and raised in the Milan area. One of the things I love doing on a trip is to explore the local cousine, bring back some knowledge and try and re-create typical dishes for my loved ones; people say I am a really good chef 👨🏼‍🍳. I am also passionate about music and I have been studying singing for 7 years now (we might have a Karaoke🎤!). I have got a little furry family a dwarf hamster🐹 and a ginger cat🐱. My favourite animal is the Giraffe🦒 (my landlord said no to one in the garden tho). I love a good exploring nature and wildlife, but also art and architecture! Looking forward to having you on board! ✈️🎉