Have you ever slept under the stars?

Jasmine Alice Cain

Lives in London
Visited countries
Jasmine is a professional singer who discovered travelling when she temporarily lost her voice and subsequently couldn't work. She decided to solo-travel (in silence) around Europe and Asia until her vocal chords were healed and totally fell in love with backpacking! Whilst on her trip she found so much more than her voice, she discovered unbelievable places and met like-minded people all over the globe. She learnt how to be brave, curious, open-minded, safe and above all.. free. Jasmine is a very charismatic person who makes friends everywhere she goes. Her enthusiasm for life is contagious and her passion for music is evident as you will often find her singing away. Her favourite country she has visited so far is Italy as she loves to check out historical sites, museums and charming, unique places.