Itinerary - Sweden: Northern Lights in Luleå

day 1

Welcome to Sweden!

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Check-in: our adventure starts in Luleå

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Welcome to Luleå, our gateway to the enchanting Swedish Lapland, a winter wonderland adorned with thick, pristine snow blankets that transform the landscape into a magical realm. To kick off this remarkable adventure, we have a plan in store. We'll begin by immersing ourselves in the surroundings, exploring the village, embarking on a tour, and maybe even indulging in some well-deserved sauna relaxation. However, our ultimate focus remains unwavering: the Northern Lights. So tonight, we all turn into avid aurora hunters!

Included: overnight stay

Not included: airport transfer, meals and drinks

day 2

Icebreaker Cruise

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An amazing experience

An icebreaker cruise in Swedish Lapland is an extraordinary and unmatched experience, offering the chance to explore the frozen waters of the Northern Baltic Sea and witness the Arctic's awe-inspiring landscapes and wildlife.

We'll step aboard a specially designed icebreaker, receiving a safety briefing before our voyage. Outfitted in thermal suits and boots to keep us warm and dry, we'll embark on this adventure. For the adventurous souls among us, there's the unique opportunity to brave a dip in the icy waters, donned in a floating suit. The experience of swimming in the frigid sea, surrounded by ice and snow, is truly unforgettable – a once-in-a-lifetime memory we'll cherish forever. What more could we ask for in life?

Included: overnight stay, car rental, icebreaker cruise

Money Pot: petrol any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: food and drinks

day 3

Storforsen Nature Reserve and Snowmobile Tour

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Face to face with nature

Are you ready for another captivating day? After yesterday's thrilling rush of adrenaline, today we aim to slow things down and immerse ourselves in the stunning landscapes of the North. We'll hop into our cars and make our way to the Storforsen Nature Reserve, a renowned natural wonder nestled in northern Sweden, near the village of Älvsbyn in Norrbotten County. This reserve is famed for its awe-inspiring waterfall, one of the largest and most powerful in all of Sweden. In winter, the falls can transform the surrounding area into a wonderland of frozen, sculpture-like beauty.

But, let's not relax too much. How about adding a touch of excitement to our journey with a snowmobile ride? It's an adventure that strikes the perfect balance between adrenaline, serenity, and a deep connection with nature, and we're absolutely stoked about it!

Included: overnight stay, car rental, snowmobile excursion

Money Pot: petrol any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: food and drinks

day 4

A free day in Luleå

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Our last night

Today, we have the morning to relish a few more hours in this icy paradise before our journey back to Stockholm. Once we return to our hotel, there'll be ample time to collect our backpacks before boarding the train bound for Stockholm. Can we dare to dream of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights even from the train? Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best – it would truly be the cherry on top of this extraordinary trip!

Included: overnight stay, car rental

Money Pot: petrol, any extra activities and entrance fees

Not included: food and drinks

day 5

Goodbye Sweden

Check-out and godbyes

Check-out and goodbye – until your next WeRoad adventure!

Not included: airport transfer, food and drinks

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